Flobert Cartridges .22 Caliber (6mm) CB Caps

Originally, Flobert ammunition was by definition a cartridge wherein the priming and propellant charges were one and the same. More recently, rimfire cartridges, small shot cartridges and Flobert cartridges supporting a round-nose bullet were developed to contain a small additional amount of powder as a supplementary propellant charge, thus enabling a more effective cartridge to be produced. These are the cartridges in use today.

Item Number: 2130521
Manufactuer: Umarex Air
Model: Flobert Cartridges
Caliber: 6mm
Bullet Style:.22 (6mm) Carbide Caps
Model Body Copy:In 6mm caliber with pointed or round-nose bullets. Primarily intended for pest control. Has small ignition charge and maintains accurate flight path. To be mainly fired from smooth barreled guns. Packed 100 in round tin.
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